Report on Rwoma borhole status, December 2012

The drilling exercise for the Rwoma borehole project started at the end of last week i.e. Friday 21st December 2012. Yesterday (Sunday 23rd December 2012, Lukyamuzi Patrick and I took a ride to the site to see the work so far done there. We found out that the drillers have so far done a good job and have completed drilling works and the exercise is nearing completion. By the time ofour visit to the site, nobody was on site. We called the LC111 chairperson of Kinyogoga S/C who told us that the exercise was smooth with no major hindrances. The LC111 chairperson was excited about the development saying that the drillers had done a great job. We also got in touch with Richard, one of the drillers and he told us that drilling was completed by Sunday and the work which is left was casting and installation that will be done within two to three days. He told me they will resume work next week after Charismas.

CGC staff admiring borehole work at Rwoma. The pictures on the left and middle show the already drilled bore hole with the blue pipe that has been sunk underneath for water passage. It’s covered with thorny branches from the tree to protect it from possible damage from animals and probably human beings. The picture on the right shows the only class room block found in Rwoma Primary school.

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There are 812 students with 472 girls and 339 boys. Currently the students bring water from a community borehole 3 km from the school. They can only go at lunch time as the water sellers chase them aw

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