Kamira Primary School

Providing 600 Children Clean Water. Cost: $6800 – Raised through donations

In Uganda, clean accessible water is a significant problem. Children are vulnerable to the ravages of disease that result from drinking unclean water- 50% of the people are under the age of 20. Kamira primary school, located 80 kilometers north of the capital, Kampala, has 600 primary school children with only 8 full time teachers. A severe problem for the children attending this school is the lack of clean water. There is only one borehole in the entire community located far from the school. Many hours a day are spent, mainly by children, carrying water from the borehole to their homes and school. The cost of a second borehole is far beyond the reach of the community but would benefit not only the children in the school but the entire community.

Concern for the Girl child is a non- governmental organization that has been active in Uganda since 2001.(www.concernforgirlchild.or.ug). Its main focus is the education and welfare of orphaned girls attending secondary schools. They have also been very active in child protection and child rights in rural communities in Luwero, Nakaseke and Kampala districts of Uganda and have been working in the community of Kamira for over 3 years. The Executive Director of CGC has met with the Kamira community leaders concerning the digging of a new borehole near the Kamira Primary school. The community has agreed to form a Borehole Management Committee which will guarantee security and proper maintenance of the new borehole. All finances for the borehole will be channeled through and controlled by CGC. CGC is happy to provide this service, without compensation, to the Drop Foundation.

First Ugandan Primary School Library

My name is Max Todaro and I’m eight years old. My charity is gathering books for libraries in Uganda.

We recently visited the Kamira school where Isabella dug her first well. I brought suitcases of books that had been donated by my school and other friends. The school had prepared a safe and locked room and there were shelves to put all the books. It was really fun to unpack the suitcases full of books and stock their library.

I have since learned that Kamira is the only primary school in Uganda to have a library. I hope to continue gathering books so I can open libraries in every village Isabella digs a well. I left books in Uganda to fill the library that will be built in mityomere.

Donations will help me purchase more books to bring to Uganda.

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My Statement: Ever since I learned that safe drinking water is not available to all children, it has been a goal of mine to help. Goals: I hope to provide at least one well a year to the people of Uganda. Eventually, I would like to put a well in every village in Uganda. The Ugandan Government is helping me identify sites where it is possible for us to put a well and/or library. The library opened in our first well site (Kamira) is the first library housed in a primary school in all of Uganda. I would like to speak at schools other than my own to raise awareness for our cause, as well as educate Seattle of how they can help. Max an

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There are 812 students with 472 girls and 339 boys. Currently the students bring water from a community borehole 3 km from the school. They can only go at lunch time as the water sellers chase them aw

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Lumpewe School

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