Name of the school: Ndibulungi Primary School

Luwero Primary School is located Ndibulungi Village, Kakabala Parish, Butuntumula Subcounty in the Luwero District. The school was founded in the 1970 by the Roman Catholic Church. There are currently over 320 students attending this school (156 boys & 164 girls). The school runs from nursery all the way to P7.

School Enrollment: The school has an enrollment of 320 pupils .164 girls and 156 boys

Informants Details: We interviewed the head teacher and some pupils.

Sexes of the interviewees: One female(head teacher) pupils (boys and girls)

Classes of pupils interviewed: Primary Seven and Four

School performance: School promised to send us the information.

Range of classes: Nursery to P7

Founders and its existence: The school started in 1970 by the catholic church but it was later on taken over by the government.

Number of staff: The school has 13 teachers, 6 are males and 7 are females.

Details of the nearest water source where water is collected for daily activities: The school has a small tank that collects water for use during rainy season.

Other comments from informants: According to the head teacher, water scarcity is one of the major problems the school is facing most especially in the dry season. She said that recently they have a water tank but it also has cracks therefore it cannot keep water for so long. Sometimes back they used to get water from the dam and at times buy from the tap. We interacted with the students and they told us that they used to get water from the dam and a tap which were also at a distance.

However, the head teacher said the water table around the school is very low. She revealed that there was an attempt to construct a borehole a round the school but it failed to work.

Our observations and recommendations: Ndibulungi primary school really also deserve a bore hole because during a hot seasons pupils walk long distance to collect water.

Above: The only available tank used to collect water for school during rainy season and the school sign post.

Head teache, Miss Proscovia Namata interacting with our staff at her office.

Above: Borehole which had been drilled but water couldn’t be found in the area.

Ndibulungi Primary School

Left to Right: Room at the school which has been made store by Brac for scholastic materials for selected pupils, Headteacher showing us around the school

Ndibulungi Primary School

Our General Recommendations and Observations: Mbale SDA and Ndibulungi Schools are in a dare need for our intervention. It was difficult for us to make a choice. Our recommendation is that ff one school is taken on this year; let the other one be put into consideration next year. Or we could advise the school not selected, to do a fundraising, where parents, teachers and well-wishers are invited to contribute towards a borehole drilling or underground tank construction and CGC contributions some money to that cause. Because both schools really deserve borehole/ water source.

Assessment was conducted by;

  • James Opio (PO/ Team Leader Luwero Field Office)
  • Juliet Namutebi (Administrative Assistant Luwero Field Office)
  • Janat Naggita (2019 Intern from Makerere Univeristy attached to Luwero field Officer)
  • William Rukundo (Driver Luwero/Nakaseke Field Office)

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