Mbale SDA

Name of the school: Mbale SDA Primary School

Mbale Primary School is located in Yandwe Village, Kakabala Parish, Butuntumula Subcounty in the Luwero District. The school was founded in the 1992 by Seventh Day Adventist. There are currently over 340 learners attending this school. The school runs from nursery all the way to P7.

School Enrollment: The school has an enrollment of 347 learners

Informants Details: We interviewed the director of studies, a school advocate ( Staff of Teach for Uganda), chairperson LC1 opinion leader and some pupils

Sexes of the interviewees: Three males and two females

Classes of pupils interviewed: Primary Seven

School performance: The school promised to send us the information

Range of classes: P1 to P7

Founders and its existence: The school started in 1992 by the SDA church but it was later on taken over by the government in 2003

Number of staff: It has seven government facilitated teachers and two teacher paid by Teach for Uganda- An NGO

Details of the nearest water source where water is collected for daily activities: The school shares the tap with the rest of the community. It’s about two villages that use the same tap which was constructed by an Indian. The water source occationally breaks down due over use by the large number of users.

Other comments from informants: According to Mr. Cosy Kizito Buule, the chairperson of Nyandwe village, Water scarcity is a big problem in the area and particularly at the school. Previously, the school was using rain water but unfortunately one block of the school was unroofed to pave way for a power line which passing through their school. The school now collects water from an overly crowded water tap used by two other communities.

The director of studies still emphasized the problem of water scarcity at the school because pupils have to walk 3km away from the school to collect water when the Indian tap breaks down. This makes them to miss classes.

We interacted with some pupils of primary three and seven and they told us that they collect water from a distance. They collect water in the morning before remedial lessons start. Therefore they tend to miss out on the morning lesson because spend a lot of time lining for water since the people are too many at the nearby tap. At times water goes off at the tap and they therefore have to collect water from the dam which is also far away from the school.

Our observations and recommendations

Mbale Primary School really deserves the borehole because they are so desparate for water.

Mbale Primary School

Above from top: P.1 class , unroofed class room and tank ( extreme right) pulled down, P.6 & P.7 class room and the ground cleared for more class rooms construction. Below CGC staff interviewing girls and school director of studies,Mr. Musa Kiiza, Children depend on wild fruits for lunch.

Left: Multipurpose room that plays a role of a class room, headteachers’ office, staff room and a store.

Right: the only available tap for the whole village including the school.

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