Karinda Water Catchment Project

By dropFoundation on Jul 1, 2016 in Blog

Karinda is located in Wakyato Subcounty, 36 km from Kiwoko town. There is no reachable water table in this area so that all attempts to establish a water supply by borehole have failed. The subcounty water and sanitation committee have recommended that the school and town be supplied with safe water by water catchment from rain and storage in an underground water tank with a pump.

Karinda Primary school has a student population of 300+ students. The nearest borehole or source of safe water is 12 kilometers away. The water these children and their families drink and cook with domes from an open water hole that is shared with the animals. This puts these children at risk for all water born illnesses. A safe source of water is essential for the health and well being of these children.

The current school roof is not adequate to hold a water catchment roof therefore a new shelter is being built to support this roof. This shelter will also serve as another open air classroom for the school. The water caught during the rainy season will be stored in a 40,000 liter storage tank. This will be underground to prevent damage and environmental degradation. Water will then be pumped from the tank for use by the school and the community.

This project has been launched. A community based water committee has been established to ensure the maintenance and proper use of the projects water. The community drew together to clear the area where the tank will be placed. During this launch CGC provided an educational program on water safety and the importance of water sanitation.

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