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My Statement: Ever since I learned that safe drinking water is not available to all children, it has been a goal of mine to help.

Goals: I hope to provide at least one well a year to the people of Uganda. Eventually, I would like to put a well in every village in Uganda. The Ugandan Government is helping me identify sites where it is possible for us to put a well and/or library. The library opened in our first well site (Kamira) is the first library housed in a primary school in all of Uganda.

I would like to speak at schools other than my own to raise awareness for our cause, as well as educate Seattle of how they can help. Max and I have been fundraising by selling water at Sea fair every year, and last year we made almost 700 dollars.

Drop is in the process of becoming a 5O13C which means you will get the amount you donate deducted off your income tax. It also means we can apply for grants from major foundations, as well as many other benefits. I hope to apply for a grant from the Bill Gates Foundation after the process is completed.


Thank you! – Isabella

Contact me at: isabella@DropFoundation.org


Drop Foundation on the Microsoft match list

Hi everybody!

It’s been an exciting couple months for Drop Foundation! Hope everybody has had a great start to the school year so far.

We are excited to announce that Drop Foundation was recently included on the Microsoft match list, which is a program where whatever Microsoft employees donate to us, Microsoft will match it. So far, this has helped us raise over 2,000 dollars towards our next well.

We also were recently approved as a 501c3 organization, which means there will be a deduction from your income tax if you use this code:

Below is the verification for your tax exemption:
  • Thank you for your contribution of $X on (date of donation) . No goods or services were provided in exchange for this contribution. Drop Foundation is an exempt organization as described in Section 501 (c) (3) of the internal revenue code; EIN 91-0902978
  • Our recent partner well with the Hamlin School has been completed! We had our first real fund raiser and raised enough money to complete the well. Thank you so much to the students and staff at Hamlin school for all of their dedication and hard work to our cause!
  • This means that we are currently searching for a site for our 7th well (is that right) and will start our fundraising for that soon!
  • Thank you so much to everyone who has donated thus far, and for everyone’s support!
Thank you! — Isabella

Contact me at: isabella@DropFoundation.org

Uganda Visit 2014

In August my family and I traveled to Africa to visit the villages that Drop Foundation supported. In the first village, we watched a speaker discuss how the well had changed the community. The well impacted the amount of days the children could be in school. Water borne illness keeps kids out of school frequently. The children make up songs and dances in honor of Drop- this is their way of saying thanks.

Unfortunately, we had arrived hours after a horrible bus accident. Members of the community had been affected, but we were glad to be able to help them through as we gave them something positive to focus on.

The trip to the second village was difficult. The roads we tried to drive on were impassable. At one point my mom made us get out of the van and walk for fear that the van would tip over in the difficult terrain.When we got out of the van there were a few village men with machettes cutting down trees, we were as foreign to them as they were to us. There were also little babies that hugged their moms- they were adorable. I asked if I could photograph their beautiful children (through an interpreter) and they loved it.

In the second village, we were greeted by an amazing original dance created by the children of the village. There were many inspirational speeches and performances. They had clearly spent many days preparing for this event. At the end, we were given gifts by the village. Some of the gifts we received were two live chickens and a rug that we still have today. It was an amazing experience, and those two chickens (named by Max) are still at the office in Uganda.

The second village is also preparing to receive the 600 pounds of books we dragged to Uganda n oder to open Max’s second library. The village people are so grateful to have this opportunity.

A professor from the university in Uganda accompanied us on these village trips. He had done his PhD on sustainability of water within the villages in Uganda.

My dad had conversations with him regarding the sustainability of our wells because many wells break and never work again because they are not maintained. We are going to hire someone to service the wells twice a year to make sure this does not happen with our wells.

Thank you to everyone who helped Drop. I wish you could see how much your help has changed thousands of lives.

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