We hope to provide one well a year

Our goal is to raise enough money to dig one well a year. We would like to dig a well in every village in Uganda. The government in Uganda is helping us to identify one site a year where we can build a well and a library. The library in Kamira that we opened last summer is the first library housed in a primary school in all of Uganda.


Drop Foundation

My statement: Ever since I learned that safe drinking water is not available to all children, it has been a goal of mine to help. We’re fundraising any way we can, like asking for donations, selling water, selling dog biscuits, donating gifts, etc. This is my way of helping -maybe you can too.


I hope to provide at least one well a year to the people of Uganda. Eventually, I would like to put a well in every village in Uganda. The Ugandan Government is helping me identify sites where it is possible for us to put a well and/or library. The library opened in our first well site (Kamira) is the first library housed in a primary school in all of Uganda.

I would like to speak at schools other than my own to raise awareness for our cause, as well as educate Seattle of how they can help. Max and I have been fundraising by selling water at Sea fair every year, and last year we made almost 700 dollars. We sell home made dog treats, which is another way you can help. The recipe is below. Any donation will make a difference, no matter how small.

Drop is in the process of becoming a 5O13C which means you will get the amount you donate deducted off your income tax. It also means we can apply for grants from major foundations, as well as many other benefits. I hope to apply for a grant from the Bill Gates Foundation after the process is completed.


Thank you!


– Isabella

Contact me at: isabellatod@gmail.com

Kyangbakama school well completed!

The well at this Kyangbakama school is completed. Water is flowing well and The community is now putting up the fence to keep the animals out.This school has asked for a library so will be very excited to hear they will get one. CGC staff will get an estimate for the cost of a secure room for the books. Just like Kamira.

Karinda water catchment is finished and they are awaiting the rains to start to fill the tank. They are happy to have another covered classroom provided by the water catchment shelter. No more sitting in the blazing sun or rain. :-D